An Exclusive Birthday Party

12 th Century Temple

A 120 sqm  flooring was added to make the space more convenient and safe

The arrival

lounge 1

Lounge 2

Towards the dance floor

The bar 1

The bar 2

The dance floor

A private chill out lounge outside the temple


Photos by Sylvain Pichard

– 4 days and 3 nights

– accommodation: Heritage Suites Hotel     

– 30 international guests



– march 2009
– 4 days and 3 nights
– accommodation: Heritage Suites Hotel
– birthday location: Siem Reap, Cambodia – Angkorian temple 12th century
– 30 international guests
– DJ Pippi from Ibiza
– 7 days of set up
– 40 workers

12 Responses to “An Exclusive Birthday Party”

  1. Looks amazing
    probably sounded good outside as well
    i bet the spirits were rocking

  2. Beautifully done. Is this a permanent site or do you instal the walkways and lights for each party?

  3. this was done for one night only, the site was cleaned before and after the party

  4. notpreggers Says:

    Beautiful. Where exactly is this?

  5. in the Cambodian jungle close to Boeung Mealea (accessible only by 4wd)

  6. Awesome, It is amazing

  7. Wow, that is so impressive that this was done in one night. Definitely looks like it turned out well. The pictures are wonderful!

  8. wow amazing! how much does it cost??

  9. hey if i’m not mistaken isn’t this the place where tomb raider part one was filmed. i may be wrong just checking. anyway loved your post and specially the inside lounge………..

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